This site is about having the hottest uncut hip hop music videos on the web. When I find some hot shit or make a new uncut hip hop video I will upload it here so that you will find all the UNCUT HIP HOP VIDEOS in one place. Just like Hip Hop Honeys, but FREE!!

I don’t know what happened to B.E.T uncut but they had some real hot UNCUT HIP HOP  MUSIC VIDEOS on there. As a matter of fact they had my uncut hip hop video on there called “Hands Up” obviously by rapper Boo Blades from Brooklyn. Yo, I don’t wanna brag but my shit was the illest rap video I think I ever saw. At least the most creative!!

I had a row of chicks on there sucking dicks and shaking their fat asses for the cameras. The video starts by me,Boo Blades pulling up in my Navigator with Lamborghini doors. As soon as I hop out the actions starts. There are big booty bitches and hip hop honeys walking in the streets, riding on motorcycles and throwing it up. The video shoot is taking place in front of my barbershop in Brooklyn and there were a million people out there showing me love and singing the hook. Then the scene cuts to 730 and he’s in the bathroom getting his dick sucked while he’s rhyming and drinking a glow in the dark liquor.

Then the video cuts to the second hook. Some where in the hook it say “…I just wanna put it in your ass.” and lo and behold, the scene shows a girl getting something put in her ass. Next is Boo Blades sitting in a barber chair with one girl doing his nails, another cutting his hair, and yet another under the barber smock sucking his dick.  All this while Im rapping. I tell you Uncut Hip Hop Videos are the shit.

The third verse Boo Blades is rapping again sitting on what looks like a power wheels truck while two chicks are in front of him eating each other’s pussy. There are a bunch of guys holding bottles of Cristal and Hennessy rapping along with him.  My diamonds are blinding and ofcourse the  flow is flawless.

When the song gets to the last hook, the scene cuts from all the guys outside on the motorcycles with the big booty bitches and goes back inside the barbershop where there are about 20 guys sitting all around with girls giving them head in barber chairs and on the waiting benches. There were white girls, alot of black girls and what looked like a Chinese girl in the video. The film quality was quite exceptional for an independent release.

I have a full length dvd that is full of uncut hip hop videos. Its called Keep Your Ears to the Streets and it features Kay Slay, Buffie the Body, ve, Busta Rhymes, Ashanti, Joe Pro, and Luke.  Not to mention the multitude of big booty bitches.

I made the dvd after seeing the uncut hip hop videos, and I’ve also included a bonus mixtape. Let me be the first
to tell you…I thought hip hop was dead so I had to do something about it and I think I accomplished that with this DVD.  Straight like that: I ripped it. The shit is so sick. Im killing a few popular beats but also some
original songs are on there too. The production is top notch and you can hear the skill that went into preparing the opus. If you want a treat, do yourself a favor and get the uncut hip hop videos , the Boo Blades version of Hip Hop Honeys.

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