Big Booty Brazilian Maid

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Big Booty Brazilian Maid

Big Booty Brazilian Maid

This is another feature from Brazilian beauty Luana.  Her ass is bananas and her sex appeal is unmistakable.  Get yourself in the mood for some house cleaning cuz when this maid rings the bell,  you want to be sure to answer.

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8 Responses to “Big Booty Brazilian Maid”

  1. Joe Says:


  2. Danny Says:

    Very hot

  3. koenaman Says:

    Gud fuckin sex

  4. tyler brizzown Says:

    mmm i wanna fuck that nice pussy. i wish i was aporn star. im tired of fuckin theses fat sloppy chicks =[

  5. Dread Says:

    Shid wats up sexy I would like to talk to u over the phone about my new video I’m tryin to shoot its called Fat Wet Pussy Vol.2 call me when u get a chance I would love to have u in my video we can talk money when u call me

  6. omero Says:

    I like that girl

  7. channel surfer Says:

    i truly agree with tyler if brothers stop telling them fat sloppy chicks how fine they are and maybethey can realize that they are fat and sloppy and stop hateing on the slim chicks telling them they to skinny and they need more ass is how fellas end up with a fat sloppy chicks thats 2 mcnuggets away from being obese i call them fat where im from fat girls get no love she is cute and huge as hell have a brother like me scared to eat her puss she close them big as thighs around you head you will die. from lack of air.

  8. D Says:

    Man I want to hit that from the back.

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