Fat Ass Booty Stuffed in a Refrigerator – UNCUT

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Fat Ass Booty Stuffed in a Refrigerator – UNCUT

I dont care what you think you have seen…you have never seen a bitch playing with her pussy in a refrigerator.  We shot this video in V.A. after a big event with Luke, Buffy the Body, and Joe Pro. Needless to say, there was a million freaks out there. Get the full uncut 2 hour DVD at WWW.BOOBLADES.COM

6 Responses to “Fat Ass Booty Stuffed in a Refrigerator – UNCUT”

  1. antony77744 Says:

    ooooooooooohh shit …………….that shit was tight…….what up g …….yall throwed…….yall on a notha level …….. i wish i thought of some shit like that

  2. DonFash Says:


  3. magnificent84 Says:

    This is live awwww man

  4. unclelukewarm Says:

    a dats shiit waz off da hook dat gurl hella thick

  5. jcapon3 Says:

    The bizz

  6. Renita Turlich Says:

    Is there any place I can get this in an MP3 format download? I really want my dealers to hear this song

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