Hip Hop Honeys – Absolutely Amber

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Hip Hop Honeys – Absolutely Amber

Hip Hop Honeys – Absolutely Amber

Shorty is young and sexy.  She has a lot of potential to be a freak so we will keep and eye on her to develop.  For now we just have to enjoy the panty shots.

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5 Responses to “Hip Hop Honeys – Absolutely Amber”

  1. FATJOE Says:


  2. manuel Says:

    i dont know who invented this site but he needs to get a medal trophy and a certificate for video excellence the rape vid is the only bad one hopefully we can get some more of booty dance ones thanx for lettin me shoot my wad every nite b4 i shower

  3. funkymena Says:

    thanks to the person that invented this site. its sooooooo hot.

  4. boykay Says:

    booty wet thatn the rainy season

  5. cimeo Says:

    wow now i know there is ah real sunshine

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